Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wein bridge oscillator using JFET

The wein bridge osillator employs as balanced wein bridge as the feedback network. Two stage common source amplifier provide 360 degree phase shift to the signal.
  The attenuation of the bridge is calculated to be 1/3 at resonant frequency. There for the amplifirer stage should provide a gain of 3 to.make loop gain unity. Gain preferred to slightly greater than 3 to compensate for the losses occuring in the circuit. Since gain of two stage amplifier is the product of individual stages, over all gain may become very high.
components for wiring the circuit
J1=J2= BFW10
Rd1 - 2.2K
Rd2 - 2.2K
Rs1 - 1K
Rs2 - 1.2K
Rg - 1M
R - 1.5k
Cc1 - 10F
Cc2 - 10F
C - 0.01F
Vdd - +12V

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