Tuesday, 3 July 2012


An oscilletor is an electronic device which convert dc power from the supply into ac power in the load. An oscillator generates a signal with out any external input. These are classified in different ways.
According to the principle involved: the oscillations can occur either through +ve feed back mechanism or negative resistance effect.
According to the type of wave form produce: oscillator can generate either sinwave as output or any waveform other than sinusoidal.
According to the feed back circuit: The feed back circuit may contain resistors or capacitors or may contain inductors or capacitors for frequency varietion.
According to the frequency of output signal: the oscillation can be audio frequency AF oscillator (upto 20Kz) or radio frequency oscillators (upto 300MHz) or ultra high frequency UHF oscillators (upto 3GHz) or microwave oscillators (above 3GHz).

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