Sunday, 4 August 2013


We all know about SCR, BJT, MOSFET here we going to familiarize the different characters of each one.
  • SCR

It is also called thyristor.
 It have 4 terminals.
Minority carrier device.
High voltage high current device.
Low switching speed.
Low resistive input impedance.
Only single pulse required for turn on.
Can be connected in series easily with voltage equalizing circuits.
It have thermal run away.
Can be paralleled with forced current sharing circuits.
Most robust devices.
Less temperature sensitive.
No second breakdown.

  • BJT

Minority carrier device.
Current driven device.
High current low voltage device.
Medium switching speed .
Low input impedance.
Continuous DC current is required for conduction.
Series connection is difficult with voltage equalizing circuit.
It have thermal run away.
Cannot easily paralleled because of Vbe matching problem.
Less robust device.
Temperature sensitive.
Second breakdown.
Maximum temperature 150°C


Majority carrier device.
Voltage driven device.
High current medium voltage device.
High switching speed.
Purely capacitive,high input impedance.
No DC current is required to maintain conduction except during turn on and turn off.
Series connection is difficult with voltage equalizing circuits .
No thermal run away.
Easily paralleled due to positive temperature coefficient of resistance of the device
Less robust device.
High on state drop.
Temperature sensitive.
Less susceptible to second breakdown.

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