Saturday, 7 July 2012


Filters are networks designed to pass only certain desired frequency band. It can be broadly classified as passive or active filtes according to the device used to implement them. High pass and low pass filters are there.
It is a combination of low pass and high pass filtes. For the selection of particular frequency. Low pass filter passes low frequency readily and attenuates high frequencies. High pass filtes passes high frequency and attenuate low frequencies.
This circuit is designed by the equation f=1/2 pi RC .
f= input signal frequency.
Low pass filter passes a frequency less than f1 and high pass filtes passes frequency greater than f2.  R1, C1 is for low pass and R2, C2 for high pass. By selection  frequency in between two frequency application, high frequency taken as f1 and low frequency taken as f2. And finding the different values C1 for f1 and C2 for f2. And design the circuit like this.   Input is 5Vpp.

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