Monday, 30 July 2012


Operational amplifier, in short , op-amp is a versatile device used to amplify AC and DC signal. Though it was originally designed for computing mathematical operations such as addition, multiplication, differentiation, integration etc., it is widely used for veriety of applications like oscillators ,fillters regulators, clipping circuits waveform generators etc.
The symbol of op-amp represent a circuit with two input , an output terminal and two bias supply points.
The 741 it is frequency compensated and shot circuit protected IC. 741C is its commertial version of the operating temperature range from 0 to +70degree C.
741 need +ve and -ve dc source for bias supply connections V+ and V- . This is provided by either a dual power supply or two power supplies. When dual power supplies used its positive connected to V+ pin of the ic and -v terminal is connected to V- pin of the IC. The ground terminal of the dual power supply is connected to the ground point of the circuit. When two power supplies are used +ve terminal of the power one  supply and -v terminal of other supply are connected to V+ and V- pins of IC rspectivly. Remaining trminals of the power supplies are connected ti the groun point.of the circuit. When several op-amp are used in a circuit, one power supply is enough to drive all op-amps because of the low power consumption of op-amps.
The output saturation voltages in general are about 2V below the magnitude of the dc power supply levels.

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